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Victoria Village Children’s Services Ltd. has been operating childcare centres since 1983.
At Victoria Village Children’s Services Ltd., each child is respected as a unique individual, and treated with dignity. Special needs are identified, as well policies, procedures and practices are in place to actively promote child integration and eliminate all forms of discrimination. Our role as teachers is to help children build a positive self-concept and strong beliefs in their special nature. As early childhood educators, we recognize that the most effective way for children to learn is through play. When children are provided with concrete, developmentally appropriate materials and activities, they use their senses to discover and experiment with all aspects of their world. Children also learn by observing their environment and the people in it.
Our staff and volunteers are reflective of the community. As staff we work together towards the same goal; to provide the best care for children reflected by program communication that is non-discriminatory, sensitive, inclusive and appropriate. We believe that good relationships between staff members allow us to provide high quality care and to be positive role models for children. Our goal is to create programs that provide equity (both in service and programs) in an environment where childhood can flourish, where children are free to sing, dance, play, explore, create, and make mistakes. This goal connects all materials and activities that are provided for the children and is evident in every interaction between teacher and child.

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