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Thank you for showing interest here at PersonalTrainerZK. If you want more information on our Personal Training Packages please contact me at (780) 708 - 2238. Our phone is on 24 / 7.

Also please contact us at

Packages we offer.

15 week challenge! - Regular 397.00 going for 100.00!
Great way to try out the fitness industry without buying a personal trainer.

- A workout program fit for you and only you
- Talking and communicating, explaining exactly what you should be doing(supplements etc..) (using WhatsAPP)
- Videos with detailed explanations in point form.

Online Coaching! ( most popular package )

Becoming an online client is basically where you work on your own with me behind scenes. I make a diet plan for you to follow and a work out program. every few weeks it will be tweaked and changed! Daily questions will be answered and work out videos of any Exercise you have problems with will be videoed by me personally explaining the work out. We will also be working out once or twice a month together just to make sure your doing everything right

Diet plan/Meal program allows you to follow a strict guideline allowing you to reach your goal! Teaching you how to use carbs protein and fats properly so you can eat stuff you enjoy and still get your goal body.

Here are a few options you can go with.

🔷6 months - 650.00 $

🔶12 months – 850.00 $

✔24 months – 1200.00$(rehabilitation, assessments included)

Just looking for a work out program or a meal plan? This can also be done !

Meal plans and work out programs are tailored to fit you. We need your height, weight, your goals and which exercises you prefer and what foods you enjoy!

🔵Meal plan - 120$
🔴Work out program - 120$

Please check us out at and don't forget to like us on

Service Terms

Contact me now 7807082238


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360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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