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Billy Dickie: Technology Expert, Creative Genius and a Teacher Blessed with Endless Patience

There is a “Bill of all trades, with none he cannot master” because, when you speak to Billy Dickie or read an overview of his biography, you realize he has the innate talent – fired by a first-rate mind, and sustained by a first-class temperament – to make the most complex matters of technology as intelligible as a children’s book.

That is talent of an extraordinary kind, in service of every student, entrepreneur and executive with a need to learn how to use this or that brand of software, or how to bring order to the “digital detritus” of an office overrun by files, emails and attachments.

This is an expert with reservoirs of patience and limitless amounts of interest. Billy is the forever curious technophile, the tutor and writer whose greatest examples of success are the men and women he inspires.

The grand tamer of technology, Billy is “on call” through OnCall. He makes the digital universe accessible, bestowing upon you the strength of his wisdom, so you may be confident in applying your newly acquired knowledge.


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