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Bringing Photography to Life

Brad Walsh is a dedicated and professional photographer who specializes in events, portraits, real estate and fine art photography. “I love being able to make photographs that tell a story, inviting the viewer to see the world through my lens,” Walsh said. Photography allows Walsh to be creative and express these moments like painting a story for the viewer. “I want to capture these moments in time, elicit emotion and persuade the viewer to not only think about the image but imagine the unseen world outside of the photograph.” His passion is within shooting derelict and decaying buildings, but he also really enjoys photography live subjects. Be sure to check out Brad

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A Happier Life With Flowers

Floral Designer, Chi Tran has had a constant love for flowers since childhood, she wanted to do something with her career that not only allows her to be creative but also make people happy. “I’ve made the switch from corporate to creative and have never looked back,” Tran said. Sincere, driven and creative, Tran loves engaging with her clients and learning the personal story as to why they need or want flowers. “The reasons behind why people require my help are usually happy stories, sometimes sad. It’s always interesting to connect to someone through something so beautiful such as flowers,” she said. Raindrops on Roses Floral is unique, with running such a small stud

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Nourish Yourself With Fitness and Health Expert Lisa Bergart

Patient, professional and a good communicator is how fitness expert, Lisa Bergart would describe herself. Growing up as a competitive gymnast and international competitive coach is how she developed such a strong interest in proper health and fitness. “As I completed an Honours Degree in Health from York University I gained knowledge in many areas of health such as health psychology, anatomy and social science. “ Bergart said. Once she had completed her education from York University she then decided to carry over her interest in wellness and obtained an advanced diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a registered holistic nutritionist. “My interest in the

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Ashley White: Writer of Many Voices and Expert of Many Things

  Ashley White is a writer of many voices, so to speak. She has the talent to write compelling copy – the skill to compose content that resonates with readers on an emotional level – and the versatility to work with a diverse group of students, companies and specialists within the fields of economics, public health, biostatistics and epidemiology, and global health and development, among other things. As an OnCall expert, Ashley makes these individual topics intelligible and interesting. Rather, she restores people's interest in a subject that too often succumbs to the tyranny of mediocre prose, industry jargon and needlessly complex references. With her wide range of knowledge,

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Jeffrey Whitmer: Residential and Commercial Painter, an Expert Imbued by Respect and Decency

Jeffrey Whitmer is a man of many talents, and a husband and father of love and decency. If you seek examples of his success, look around you: Behold the houses and buildings, the residential homes and commercial properties, where the work of Dynamic Painting Systems is unmistakable. Founded and headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, Jeffrey runs this business according to his personal values and professional virtues: Humble, respectful, patient and supportive, he is an excellent communicator in any medium; he speaks with the authority of the expert he is, and he "writes" in broad strokes of color – he applies the best paint and technology – so he may translate an idea into a vis

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Ravikant Singh: Technology Expert and Exemplar of Excellence

Within the world of business systems support (BSS), there are many consultants, project managers, IT executives and software specialists. They provide many skills, but few have the talent Ravikant Singh possesses: A gift not only of technical literacy – the ability to "speak" code, shifting from Amdocs to SAP like a linguist who alternates between fluency in Spanish and the seamless use of French – but a marvelous display of communications in general. Ravikant is both an expert and an educator, a champion of clarity over jargon; a professional who informs as much as he inspires, giving clients the intelligence they need and the peace of mind they deserve to enjoy. It is this

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Mark-David Martin: The Will to Train, and the Trainer with the Will to Inspire You

If you seek to improve your health and strengthen your body, if you want a professional who will respect your limits but inspire you to run, climb or push harder, then Mark-David Martin is that man; he is that athlete and personal trainer – he is that runner, hurdler and field hockey player – who, despite the sweat and tears that sting his eyes and the burn that radiates from the arc of his biceps to the enlargement of his forearms, will keep moving. He will keep you moving by empowering you to never stop moving. That resolve, born and nurtured on two continents by coaches and teammates in, respectively, southern African and British Columbia, is the reason why Mark-David Martin m

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Brad Krause: Animator, Illustrator, Teacher and Man of Excellence

To be an artist is to be blessed with innate talent and incredible discipline; the sort of patience that reveals itself with every faded mark of the partial erasure of pencil, pen or ink, where the constant refinement of a two-dimensional image – the detailed seam in the illustrated musculature of a model, or the grooves of a newly patented gear or the minimalist elegance of a consumer electronic – come to life. To be that artist, and to be just as adept with the digital tools responsible for creating three-dimensional works of dynamic color and movement, is to know Brad Krause. An OnCall expert, Brad is many things – a consultant, a teacher, a designer, an illustrator and an art

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Jonah Halper: A Man of the Heart, Who Leads by His Heart

If you want to find the person responsible for the revolution of positive change within the world of non-profit organizations, if you want to know who is at the forefront of a digital movement that echoes worldwide by the sound of millions of clicks (on behalf of millions of dollars in donations), then say his name: Jonah Halper. The Founder of ALTRUICITY®, who develops tailored annual and capital campaigns for each non-profit group it advises, and the author of Date Your Donors: How to Attract and Engage a New Generation of Philanthropists, Jonah is the face of a vital part of civic life. He is a grand unifier, in words and deeds, of technology, communications and philanth

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OnCall 1.2 is now available for Android and iOS

The OnCall team is proud to announce the release of OnCall Version 1.2! We've optimized the OnCall experience even further to make it easier for you to discover and connect with experts. New OnCall Features include: Guest Mode: You can now browse the app and search for experts without even being logged in. Hyperlinks: All items in the activity stream now have hyperlinks so you can find out more information about the news item or expert. Sharing: Do you love your OnCall experience and want to share it with the world? You will now be prompted to share the app after every review you give or receive. Portfolio Photos: Scrolling between pictures in fullscreen mode is now possi

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Billy Dickie: Technology Expert, Creative Genius and a Teacher Blessed with Endless Patience

There is a "Bill of all trades, with none he cannot master" because, when you speak to Billy Dickie or read an overview of his biography, you realize he has the innate talent – fired by a first-rate mind, and sustained by a first-class temperament – to make the most complex matters of technology as intelligible as a children's book. That is talent of an extraordinary kind, in service of every student, entrepreneur and executive with a need to learn how to use this or that brand of software, or how to bring order to the "digital detritus" of an office overrun by files, emails and attachments. This is an expert with reservoirs of patience and limitless amounts of interest. Billy

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Ray Soltanian: Real Estate Expert and Trusted Sage

The real estate industry has many talented professionals and gifted communicators. But there is one executive whose combined skills, including his many years of sustained success and wise counsel, distinguish him as someone worthy of a Profile in Business Excellence: Our newly inaugurated series about leaders in a variety of industries, who, because of their emphasis on personalized service, expert advice and credible analysis, coincide with the principles that define OnCall's mission. This individual is Ray Soltanian, one of the Greater Toronto Area's top real estate agents; a man of insight and marketing genius, who understands that each property – as well as each buyer and seller –

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Tzachi Chen: The Financial Advisor You Need for the Challenges You Face

The immigrant's story is a tale of hope and innocence – and bravery, too. It is part of North American folklore, a journey across a continent and an ocean, formerly by train and steamship and now by jetliner; where the hardships of the Old World, the barren farmlands and abandoned villages and the political riots and displaced people, are like one long film reel, visible from the passenger window of a locomotive or miniaturized, beneath the clouds, from 30,000 feet. It is in the New World, where each of us can start anew. It is in this world, where Tzachi Chen prospers. His story is not without its share of challenges and hardships: A Canadian by choice, with his family as his only (

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Nick Bovolaneas: Insurance Expert and Ensurer of Excellence

If you want to see what professionalism is – if you want to bear witness to the personal integrity and insight of a genuine expert – then call your attention to Nick Bovolaneas, a broker from Navigators Insurance. A man of sage counsel, with a seemingly infinite amount of patience, an individual who listens before he speaks (and then only speaks with respect and gratitude, for the opportunity to act as the teacher he is), Nick embodies the principles of leadership; resolution on behalf of his clients, transparency for the good of his industry, personalization for the benefit of the services he provides and character for the strength he possesses – an OnCall expert, who is "on call"

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Joe Locke: The Home Organizing Expert

Joe Locke ("Average Joe") is many things – a man of tremendous enthusiasm and vision, as well as a professional of great respect and integrity. But, if you seek examples of Joe's success, if you want undeniable proof of his skills and talents, look at what you do not see: Clutter and disarray, or piles of papers and boxes, the detritus of a home or office overrun by so much junk there is no room to walk or even move. Joe is "on call," through OnCall, so he can apply his "Tips and Tricks" to your specific situation. He is ready to listen to your needs, answer your questions and customize a plan for you to regain that most precious commodity known as order. By showcasing Joe as someone wo

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The World’s Experts at Your Call: The Power of OnCall

The best forms of technology are not just revolutionary in practice; they are transformational by design and description. Think (Different) about the release, on October 23, 2001, of the iPod and its six-word summary of social change and individual empowerment: "One thousand songs in your pocket." That event is a commercial milestone and a triumph for consumers. In the near-decade-and-a-half since that occasion – in the years following the debut of that iconic device, with its monochromatic screen and rotary flywheel – we can celebrate the miniaturization and personalization of everything from cell phones and digital music players to the dawn of slender tablets and sleek laptops. An

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