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Brad Krause: Animator, Illustrator, Teacher and Man of Excellence

To be an artist is to be blessed with innate talent and incredible discipline; the sort of patience that reveals itself with every faded mark of the partial erasure of pencil, pen or ink, where the constant refinement of a two-dimensional image – the detailed seam in the illustrated musculature of a model, or the grooves of a newly patented gear or the minimalist elegance of a consumer electronic – come to life.

To be that artist, and to be just as adept with the digital tools responsible for creating three-dimensional works of dynamic color and movement, is to know Brad Krause.

An OnCall expert, Brad is many things – a consultant, a teacher, a designer, an illustrator and an artist – but, above all, he is a man excellence. He is a professional who collaborates with you, listens to your needs, absorbs your feedback and realizes your goals in a way that transcends mere words; he transforms an idea – your idea – into an image of practicality and beauty.

Brad communicates through art, but he also speaks (and draws) with clarity and concision.

Approachable and respectful, Brad is a leader.

We celebrate his many gifts, and we champion his many achievements.

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360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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