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A Happier Life With Flowers

Floral Designer, Chi Tran has had a constant love for flowers since childhood, she wanted to do something with her career that not only allows her to be creative but also make people happy. “I’ve made the switch from corporate to creative and have never looked back,” Tran said. Sincere, driven and creative, Tran loves engaging with her clients and learning the personal story as to why they need or want flowers. “The reasons behind why people require my help are usually happy stories, sometimes sad. It’s always interesting to connect to someone through something so beautiful such as flowers,” she said. Raindrops on Roses Floral is unique, with running such a small stud

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Joe Locke: The Home Organizing Expert

Joe Locke ("Average Joe") is many things – a man of tremendous enthusiasm and vision, as well as a professional of great respect and integrity. But, if you seek examples of Joe's success, if you want undeniable proof of his skills and talents, look at what you do not see: Clutter and disarray, or piles of papers and boxes, the detritus of a home or office overrun by so much junk there is no room to walk or even move. Joe is "on call," through OnCall, so he can apply his "Tips and Tricks" to your specific situation. He is ready to listen to your needs, answer your questions and customize a plan for you to regain that most precious commodity known as order. By showcasing Joe as someone wo

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