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Nourish Yourself With Fitness and Health Expert Lisa Bergart

Patient, professional and a good communicator is how fitness expert, Lisa Bergart would describe herself. Growing up as a competitive gymnast and international competitive coach is how she developed such a strong interest in proper health and fitness. “As I completed an Honours Degree in Health from York University I gained knowledge in many areas of health such as health psychology, anatomy and social science. “ Bergart said. Once she had completed her education from York University she then decided to carry over her interest in wellness and obtained an advanced diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a registered holistic nutritionist. “My interest in the

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Mark-David Martin: The Will to Train, and the Trainer with the Will to Inspire You

If you seek to improve your health and strengthen your body, if you want a professional who will respect your limits but inspire you to run, climb or push harder, then Mark-David Martin is that man; he is that athlete and personal trainer – he is that runner, hurdler and field hockey player – who, despite the sweat and tears that sting his eyes and the burn that radiates from the arc of his biceps to the enlargement of his forearms, will keep moving. He will keep you moving by empowering you to never stop moving. That resolve, born and nurtured on two continents by coaches and teammates in, respectively, southern African and British Columbia, is the reason why Mark-David Martin m

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