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Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
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Limitless coaching for transformation.
You were born to beat mediocrity and create masterpiece. You know it, don't you?

1. How do I help you unleash your potential?
By focusing on your strengths and passion and using strength-based coaching approach, I will stop you from trying to be "average". Instead, by improving your strengths, you will move from average to good and from good to great! The way to success has never been so enjoyable!

2. How have I broken my limit?
I am 20 years old, still young and energetic, right? I am at Business University and working as a freelance counselor right now. Strange, isn't it?
I am also working on a psychology program to enhance my approach and maximize effectiveness of my consulting service for my clients. The combination of both areas has given me great foundation to challenge myself in a new position: a business coach!
I might be young but my working experience is not. I have worked as a Brand and PR manager since my first year at college. Although I just quit my job several months ago, I am still the member of the Board of Director of a non-profit organization for students.
However young I am, my ultimate passion has never been small. When I was very young, I found myself empathetic for people who suffer. I was so lucky to have many opportunities to be exposed to various cultures in the world, which helps me develop good perception about human beings and my own responsibility for life.
I have never been out of my own country, Vietnam. Nevertheless, I am able to use English as fluently as my mother tongue because I never let the geographical factors set my limit.
I also work as a freelance small business development and marketing strategy consultant at this time. I have not finished my bachelor program but this does not hold me back from experiencing the real working and business environment!
I love working on social projects and non-profit organizations! I have joined some charitable projects, empowering contests as an organizer or sometimes spokeperson. However, I want to increase my own level of influence. I try to find virtual volunteer opportunities from organizations with global vision. I do not limit myself and my endless potential to change this world to a better place!
Are you ready to join me towards a limitless world?


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