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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Helping various small & medium businesses and Information Technology (IT) consultants for accounting, tax planning, corporate tax filing to save tax and timely compliance for Corporate tax, HST return filing, Payroll set ups, Dividend calculations and set up, Annual return submission and WSIB.
To keep in connection with clients, professional colleagues, friends to share knowledge. Help group members for tax and financial planning issues.
Incorporation of Business, set up initial business number, GST/HST and Payroll account.
Provide accounting and business advice to clients in areas such as Bookkeeping, HST and Payroll Reporting, WSIB registration and compliance, Financial Statement Preparation (Notice to Reader), Small business tax, Compliance, Audit, Information Technology, Personal Financial Planning, Setting up various systems and controls, Preparation Business plans and Projections, Accounting and Software implementation, Arranging Business Loans and Mortgage & Line of Credits.

Phone: 416.919.4236


360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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