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JC Recycling Solutions is a family owned and operated recycling and disposal company. In summer of 1997, company founder, Nick Caracostidis, began venturing the city of Toronto looking for recyclables. Using only his bare hands and a minivan, Nick began collecting old appliances and taking them to be recycled. Eventually, he realized that more and more metal was being thrown into the garbage, rather than recycled properly. Inspired by this, Nick traded in his minivan for a large pick-up truck, and brought his cause to various people in industries that use metal. He began expanding his company, and with his son, gathered a vast cliental, including the automotive, construction, demolition, heating and air conditioning, and manufacturing industries.

Contact: 647-212-6255
Email: info@jcrecyclingsolutions.ca


360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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