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Katie Donovan is a salary and career negotiation consultant,
equal pay consultant, and keynote speaker. Her company, Equal
Pay Negotiations LLC, teaches pay, benefits and career
negotiation through online courses, mobile apps, workshops, and
personal consulting.

Katie has a 360-degree background in employment that includes
working for a staffing firm, an applicant-tracking developer, and a
trade association. This background gives her the perspective of
income negotiation as part of the hiring process, not a conflict. She
also has 20 years experience in negotiating.

Katie's services will help you determine the value of your job, the appropriate benefits, and how to negotiate for them whether it is a new job, raise, or promotion. She will teach you the language or "script" to use for the negotiation, help you anticipate the roadblocks to higher pat that management will state, and determine winning responses to those roadblocks.

Service Terms

$4.00 a minute


Bentley University
Bachelors of Arts in Econom...
College of the Holy Cross


360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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