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We provide conventional and private lending BC & AB. Typically for borrower who do not meet bank requirements or are seeking short-term financing. Private lending offers a solution for those with less than perfect credit and with minimal income verification.

Mortgage Products: Bank Rule Apply!
*Pre-Approval: 120 Days Rate Hold
*Low Rate: 5 Year Fixed
*New Purchase & Refinancing
*Promo Rate: Limited time offer, change any time without notice.

Private Products: No Bank Rule Apply!
*1st & 2nd Private Mortgage
*Minimal Income Verification
*Fast Turnaround Time
*Bad Credit/Bankruptcy
*Refinance/New Purchase
*Debt consolidation: Regain Financial Stability

Contact me for a complete mortgage review at your convenience. Your business is very important to me!

Linda Truong
Mortgage Advisor
Mortgageslab Financial Inc.


360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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