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I'm Nick Bovolaneas from Navigators Insurance, your go-to expert for insurance.

Thanks to my work as an insurance broker, and based on the positive testimonials from the many individuals and families I counsel, I make buying car and/or home insurance fast and easy.

Even better, I eliminate the confusion associated with trying to purchase insurance – an otherwise complex and time-consuming exercise in frustration and bureaucratic delays.

I am your advocate throughout this undertaking, strengthened by my access to 14 of the top insurance companies in Canada.

Those advantages enable me to find the right rate classes, for the right reasons, on behalf of the clients I work with on a regular basis.

Bottom line: I have the independence to act – and the freedom to find – the best coverage for you, at the most affordable price possible.

I welcome the chance to speak with you.
Direct work line 905 944 4114
After hours 416 953 8227

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You can contact me via phone at 905 944 4114 which is my work line or via cell at 4169538227. I am a registered insurance broker of ontario with navigators insurance brokers. You can also email me at


Great service! Good use of my time.
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