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Vaughan, ON, Canada
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As financial services provider, I am "on call" to assist you with your financial needs. This cause is my personal duty and my professional goal.

As someone who has weathered the pressures of unemployment, survived a flood of bills and overcome mountains of debt, I am here to help you achieve financial independence. I honor those words because I follow my own advice.

A proud immigrant to Canada, my story is as old this country's founding and as timeless as the history of modern humanity. I live by a philosophy encapsulated in four words of economic justice: "No Family Left Behind."

I am happy to meet you, so we may discuss your personal financial needs.

That is my job.

That is my ambition.

Service Terms

I am not charging my client on my education time. My services provide at no cost.
Once my strategies accepted by my clients, the financial institutions will compensate me for connecting the people I serve to them.


360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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