1. Find an Expert

Browse categories and subcategories or use the keyword sensitive search to find the right expert for you. If your need is less immediate, you can post a question to the community and have experts respond to you instead.

2. Choose a Contact Method

Experts can be contacted via video, voice, or instant message. If the expert is not available (indicated by a red dot above their avatar), video and voice calls will not connect to the expert. Instant messages, however, will still be received by the expert regardless of status.

3. Connect, Talk & Pay

Once a contact method is selected, feel free to begin conversing with the expert. Remember, all calls are always initially free. During a video or voice call, experts can charge a per minute fee for their time. However, this only takes effect if the charge is accepted. After the session ends, you can leave a rating and review for the expert.

OnCall Etiquette

As a courtesy to fellow users, we ask that all users including experts review and follow the community guidelines listed below. The continued enjoyment of the platform is dependent on everyone abiding by the principles and best practices outlined.

Initiate with
Instant Message

Refrain from cold calling experts.
Instead, use instant messaging to
ask permission first. Everyone
appreciates a bit of a heads-up.

Be Respectful All
The Time

Exercise common sense and
decency when engaging with other
members. Treat others as you wish
to be treated.

Just Relax & Be

At the end of the day, whether you're
calling an expert or receiving a call,
it's a good idea to just relax, be
yourself, and spread the zen.


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