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Mark-David Martin: The Will to Train, and the Trainer with the Will to Inspire You

If you seek to improve your health and strengthen your body, if you want a professional who will respect your limits but inspire you to run, climb or push harder, then Mark-David Martin is that man; he is that athlete and personal trainer – he is that runner, hurdler and field hockey player – who, despite the sweat and tears that sting his eyes and the burn that radiates from the arc of his biceps to the enlargement of his forearms, will keep moving.

He will keep you moving by empowering you to never stop moving. That resolve, born and nurtured on two continents by coaches and teammates in, respectively, southern African and British Columbia, is the reason why Mark-David Martin makes “everyday life easier.”

His expertise in Functional Movement and TRX Suspension Training, in addition to his degree in Personal Training from Hilltop Academy, complements his work with formal schooling in the very subjects that influence his customized fitness plans for a diverse group of clients.

Mark-David Martin is “on call” through OnCall, ready to help you move toward a summit of physical triumph and emotional victory. He is your guide, expert, coach and confidant, the trainer who never gives up on you because he believes so much in you.

We celebrate his character, and we rejoice in his optimism.

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360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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