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New and Improved – OnCall v1.1.1 Released

April 13, 2015 – OnCall v1.1.1 is now available for download for iOS and Android. We’ve worked extremely hard to implement a number of new features and fixes to further enhance and optimize your experience with OnCall. These include:

  1. Streamlined the “Becoming an Expert” flow making it simpler, quicker and more seamless. Users informed us that the process was a bit cumbersome and confusing, so we’ve taken their feedback and implemented enhancements to improve the expert on-boarding experience.
  2. Fixed bugs in the Activity Stream refresh. It was reported that there were certain stream items that were getting omitted upon a user initiated refresh when a certain combination of filters were enabled.
  3. Combined Earned Credits and Purchased Credits into one bucket. We’ve simplified the implementation of credits to allow for credits earned as an expert to be spent while in sessions with other experts.
  4. Updated the expert profile screen for experts. Improved the look and feel and responsiveness of the expert profile screen when an expert views their own profile.
  5. Renamed page titles and labels. From analysis of usage patterns and behaviour, we’ve modified some page titles and labels to be clearer in it’s nomenclature – and more obvious upfront.
  6. Updated layout for the My Account and Account Settings pages. Similar to the point above, we moved items around in the layout to support the most commonly used in-app functions.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback and contributed to a successful release. And if you have any more feedback, please email us at to share your thoughts with us.



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