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OnCall 1.2.2 Has Arrived!


July 20, 2015, Toronto, Canada – OnCall v1.2.2 is now available for iOS and Android. We’ve revamped the app to make it easier for experts to be found by sharing their profile with their network by social media, email and SMS. When a user leaves a good review for an expert that has provided a great service they will be able to spread the word to their community and the experts themselves will be able to share the great review they’ve just received.

In order to help experts share the fact that they are available on OnCall we’ve re-vamped our website to include web-based expert profiles. Now anyone can view your OnCall Expert Profile without downloading the OnCall app.

We are giving you more control over your OnCall experience by providing you with an in-app Email Subscription management functionality. Decide and control what emails you’d like to receive from the OnCall team directly from the app.

We’ve been gathering feedback from our users and have transformed the call experience. With the new version OnCall you can choose the audio output for your calls between your device’s loudspeaker and handset speaker.

In addition to these new features we’ve redesigned the Categories screen and included a few bug fixes to make your OnCall Experience even more enjoyable.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback and contributed to a successful release. And if you have any more feedback, please email us at to share your insights with us.



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