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Nick Bovolaneas: Insurance Expert and Ensurer of Excellence

If you want to see what professionalism is – if you want to bear witness to the personal integrity and insight of a genuine expert – then call your attention to Nick Bovolaneas, a broker from Navigators Insurance.

A man of sage counsel, with a seemingly infinite amount of patience, an individual who listens before he speaks (and then only speaks with respect and gratitude, for the opportunity to act as the teacher he is), Nick embodies the principles of leadership; resolution on behalf of his clients, transparency for the good of his industry, personalization for the benefit of the services he provides and character for the strength he possesses – an OnCall expert, who is “on call” to deliver clarity and peace of mind regarding the purchase of automotive and/or home insurance.

Nick’s achievements make him a worthy candidate for this Profile in Business Excellence because he demystifies an otherwise complex world concerning the attempt to buy insurance.

Where others succumb to frustration, and amongst those who too readily concede defeat, Nick waves the banner of victory, saying (in effect): “It does not have to be this way. There is another way – a better and faster way – to get the insurance you need, at a price you can afford.”

That rule inspires Nick’s actions.

That rule explains Nick’s success.

That rule justifies Nick’s inclusion in this celebration of business excellence.

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360 Dupont St,
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9,


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