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The World’s Experts at Your Call: The Power of OnCall

The best forms of technology are not just revolutionary in practice; they are transformational by design and description.

Think (Different) about the release, on October 23, 2001, of the iPod and its six-word summary of social change and individual empowerment: “One thousand songs in your pocket.”

That event is a commercial milestone and a triumph for consumers. In the near-decade-and-a-half since that occasion – in the years following the debut of that iconic device, with its monochromatic screen and rotary flywheel – we can celebrate the miniaturization and personalization of everything from cell phones and digital music players to the dawn of slender tablets and sleek laptops.

And yet, the revolution is far from over. For, while we may have one thousand (or more) songs in our pockets, we do not have – rather, we did not have – the world’s experts at our call . . . until now.

OnCall makes experts of every interest, from the most esoteric topic to the most popular issue, “on call” throughout the world.

Picture the Internet in its infinitude, search results extending beyond our ability to record or remember these things, and imagine, instead, all of that knowledge – and all of that wisdom – made real: See for yourself the names and faces of so many specialists; listen to and video chat with these men and women of distinction; speak with the linguist in Tokyo and converse with the English tutor in Toronto, or message with the insurance broker in Canada and exchange ideas with the realtor in California; imbibe the intelligence of the noted hobbyist in Boston and absorb the financial advice of the banking consultant in Basel, Switzerland.

OnCall is the “touch and talk” app for experts, on behalf of users who need an expert’s assistance.

This is the Web made flesh, an immediate connection and an intimate discussion between a specialist and a consumer. It is a chance for an expert to earn additional income – with OnCall knowledge is, indeed, power – and it is an opportunity for a user to find the right specialist, at the right time (based on the right reviews), for the right reasons.

OnCall is your portal to a living library, its pages filled with a metaphorical collection of three-dimensional adventurers (their stories replete with tumultuous seas and courageous warriors), brilliant astronomers (the heavens illuminated by a constellation of stars), intrepid entrepreneurs (their ideas reconstituted as iridescent logos and unforgettable catchphrases), inspiring mentors (their hands thrust forward to hold your attention, and earn your respect) and intelligible speakers (their voices, of many regions and dialects, translated into a universal language of support).

Where other brands give you music, thanks to that distinctive iPod, OnCall makes the proverbial experts sing. With a song sheet of every genre, performed to perfection by each “musician of the mind,” there is something for everyone.

Welcome to OnCall!



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