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Ravikant Singh: Technology Expert and Exemplar of Excellence

Within the world of business systems support (BSS), there are many consultants, project managers, IT executives and software specialists. They provide many skills, but few have the talent Ravikant Singh possesses: A gift not only of technical literacy – the ability to “speak” code, shifting from Amdocs to SAP like a linguist who alternates between fluency in Spanish and the seamless use of French – but a marvelous display of communications in general.

Ravikant is both an expert and an educator, a champion of clarity over jargon; a professional who informs as much as he inspires, giving clients the intelligence they need and the peace of mind they deserve to enjoy.

It is this commitment to excellence, earned through his work on behalf of major telecom companies in North America and Europe, and strengthened by his knowledge (and soon-­to-­be certification) in the latest types of training, that makes Ravikant a leader worthy of praise by OnCall.

Accessible by choice, and available by popular demand, Ravikant is an expert of business technology and a technologist focused on business success.

We salute his achievements. Connect with him on OnCall today.


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