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Tzachi Chen: The Financial Advisor You Need for the Challenges You Face

The immigrant’s story is a tale of hope and innocence – and bravery, too. It is part of North American folklore, a journey across a continent and an ocean, formerly by train and steamship and now by jetliner; where the hardships of the Old World, the barren farmlands and abandoned villages and the political riots and displaced people, are like one long film reel, visible from the passenger window of a locomotive or miniaturized, beneath the clouds, from 30,000 feet.

It is in the New World, where each of us can start anew. It is in this world, where Tzachi Chen prospers.

His story is not without its share of challenges and hardships: A Canadian by choice, with his family as his only (at the time) friends and fellow citizens, he came to this country with riches in his heart and almost no money in his pockets; he worked greatly, and suffered deeply; he later found himself unemployed and overwhelmed, consumed by bills and drowning in debt.

And yet, Tzachi stands tall because he survived the onslaught . . . and emerged into the light, a financial savior for Canadians of all needs and interests.

Therein lies the essence of a leader, an individual in the arena, unbowed and unbroken, who inspires others to march into the light.

Its radiance warm and bright, it is the firmament of financial freedom.

Tzachi knows the way forward because of his integrity and independence.

He knows the way forward because of his decency and kind disposition.

He is the reason we charge into the light.

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